mobile tyre repairs van

Mobile Tyre Service under Lock down

Dear customers,

Due to covid-19, we understand the worry and fear of the uncertainty we all are in uncertain waters,
although we can confidently say that we are working with our local councils and other company’s to promote awareness of covid-19 help our seniors and teach and direct our younger population to fight this pandemic.

Our company for know is still open and taking on work. In fact we have chosen to promote our self more and take the opportunity to help the public to minimise contact, so rather than going to the garages for tyres you stay home and just give us a ring to book your car in for one of our mobile service vans to turn up on the time and day that suits you.

We have 100% zero contact, you do not need to come out of your house, we don’t need to access your interior of your vehicle as we are only dealing with your tyres ll you will need to do is leave the wheel locking nut and press the button on the key to turn the alarm off and our technician will do the rest it normally would take our technician around an hour to change all four tyres, all receipts and payments corespondents can be dealt with over the phone with nil contact with out any fear or worry of contamination.

We dedicate our time to promoting awareness to using alcohol gels and wipes less social contact,we would like to remind everyone that checking your tyres ware & tare sooner rather than later is good as if any emergencies arise at least the car is good.