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     Tyre manufacturing companies worldwide are developing different forms of tyres for different weather conditions as well as different modes of the use of the tyre. Most vehicle users who drive long distances are always looking for run-flat tyres to protect them from any unforeseen occurrences on the road. 

The type of car tyre one uses does not protect him or her from danger however the constant checks do the trick. We provide free consultancy services to all our clients and ensure that they do not only enjoy driving but place value on the car tyres they use. 

We have all forms of tyres and so come to us for free advisory services on your car tyres. We ensure that your car tyres pass any form of test and they are reliable as well as convenient to use. You may be running on flat car tyre but you still need us to guarantee your safety at all times. 


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We will get you back o the road.

           We have van car tyres, 4×4 car tyres, SUV car tyres, salon car tyres, winter car tyres, summer car tyres and many more. Apart from these, we have different tyre models for you to choose from. Our technicians are also available to advise on the tyre to pick for your vehicle.

Once you pick, we are equally ready to fit it anywhere and at any time. We bring the tyres to you at home to select from. We also bring the tyres to your office to select from and get it fitted right in your presence that is real service at a go. 

In the middle of the road, we get to you and provide alternatives. We provide different types of tyres for you to choose from our mobile tyre-fitting service. Once you choose, we fit the car tyre right there. We provide the necessary advisory service immediately and this guarantee an excellent customer service for a long time.